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smo agency
smo agency

Most small businesses know that social media marketing is absolutely required to compete in today’s online marketplace. Social media budgets are bigger than ever before and customers are turning to social media for reviews and information before purchasing.
It’s vital to the success of your business to put your marketing and social media branding in the hands of the right person. This means, it probably isn’t going to be very advantageous to hand everything over to an intern and hope for the best.
Of course, handling social media yourself is always an option but as a small business owner who is probably already wearing 10 different hats in your company, do you have time to take on another role? I’m not only talking about time to simply make posts on your Facebook page. What about time to create unique eye-catching images, curate appropriate content that relates to your business and your customers will love to engage with, and of course, to do it all with consistency and on a schedule?
What you should be looking for is someone who has the aptitude and skills needed to engage with your audience regularly and who understands your industry as well as the message that your brand is known for. The person who handles your social media is usually known as a social media manager and represents everything about you when it comes to your social platforms.
That’s where the social media agency comes in. An agency will have the skills and updated education on current social media trends to handle your social media accounts skillfully and professionally. They are there to take the stress and workload off your hands while they take the reins and do what they do best.
You probably have more questions about how it all works though right? No worries! Below are the top 5 questions we get asked by potential clients when they are finding out more about our services. While they are specific to our agency, they will probably fit the bill for almost any agency you choose to work with.

social media agency
social media agency

1. Do I really need social media management services?
People who typically need social media management services are those who don’t quite know how the finer details of social media work, don’t have time to do it or simply don’t want to do it themselves. Most of our clients typically fall under all three categories.
Social media rules and algorithms change all the time. A social media agency’s job is to stay on top of these changes and make adjustments to your strategy as needed. As a small business owner, you may not know about these changes or how to adjust your own strategy. Letting an agency handle your social media management will ensure that your social media marketing efforts are perfectly planned and your brand is receiving the focus and attention it needs to succeed.

2. How much should I plan to spend on social media management?
This is a tough one to answer because it will vary greatly depending on services offered, number of platforms managed, how much time is spent managing your account, if they handle responses and reputation management, etc. Most agencies will have packages varying from the low end (around $199 per month) to fully managed social media packages priced at $2,000 or more per month. We have found on average, most of our own clients fall in the $200-$500 range.

3. How long before I will see results with a social media agency?
Contrary to popular belief, social media success doesn’t happen overnight. If your brand has no social media presence at all, this is even more true. Social media isn’t a short term marketing investment. It is a long term marketing strategy that helps your brand become known as an authority in your industry, builds a community of loyal fans and customers, and greater brand awareness.
While we have seen results in as little as three or four months, it is not uncommon to see the effects of a successful social media strategy for six months or more. With the proper strategy and implementation of that strategy, your social media marketing results will increase with each passing month into a marketing machine.

4. What sort of ROI can I expect with social media?
This is always a fun one to answer with potential clients. digital marketing agency  has changed the face of marketing and the way things are measured. Years ago, we could send out a mass email selling a product and know exactly what we spent to make that email happen and we would know exactly how much revenue was generated from that email because of links clicked in the email or a code given if they called in. Social media works a little differently.
When it comes to social media, ROI is more about setting specific goals and determining if that goal is met. It may be revenue based, if that is what you are after and you have a strong sales funnel in place. However, many businesses look at other metrics to determine if their ROI has been met. ROI in this case could mean such things as Facebook fan growth, Twitter follower increase, website traffic, lead generation, contest entries and of course revenue. Whoever your social media agency is, will help you to determine your expectations and goals of your social media strategy and show you exactly how you can measure those goals.

5. How can an agency manage my social media if they know nothing about my industry?
When a new client comes on board with us, we don’t always know everything there is to know about the industry they are working in. Not to worry; this doesn’t last long.
We personally require a three-week setup time before we begin managing your accounts because this gives us time to get to know your business and your industry. That’s right, we learn all we can before we even touch your social media pages. We train with you when needed, ask for your guidance on questions we may have and we may even take online training that relates to your business. This of course takes time, but it’s a necessary step to take to be able to do our job the best possible way.



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